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This section describes how to install the library and configure your project.


XeuMeuLeu does not require more than downloading and extracting the latest available archive because of its header-only nature.
If you are already using Apache Xerces, adding XeuMeuLeu on top is straight-forward.

Apache Xerces and (optionally) Apache Xalan might require some compilation, although binary distributions are directly available for download for the most common platforms.
Note that only Apache Xerces is needed in order to use the XML subset of XeuMeuLeu, Apache Xalan is only required if you intend to work with XSL.

XeuMeuLeu requires the following versions of those libraries :

  • Apache Xerces-C++ 3.1.0 or later
  • Apache Xalan-C++ 1.10 or later


First follow the steps :

  1. install Apache Xerces-C++
  2. (optionally install Apache Xalan-C++)
  3. download XeuMeuLeu
  4. extract the archive to a location further referenced as xeumeuleu_path

Then in your project :

  1. if needed add xerces_path/include to your project include path
  2. (optionally if needed add xalan_path/include to your project include path)
  3. add xeumeuleu_path/src/libraries to your project include path
  4. (optionally define XML_LIBRARY to use Apache Xerces static)
  5. link against the proper Apache Xerces library
  6. (optionally link against the proper Apache Xalan library)